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Devil May Cry Community

For all your half-devil needs.

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General Devil May Cry community focused on information about the series.
Devil May Cry is a community dedicated to the posting and sharing of information about the Capcom® video game series Devil May Cry and its spin-offs on other media supports.

The community's main focus is on the games, but if you're a fan of the manga, comic books, or anime series, you're also welcome to join and exchange with your fellow fans.
  • The rules apply to everyone. Be you from Livejournal, Facebook, Twitter or OpenID, you follow the rules or you face the consequences.
  • Flaming is strictly prohibited at all times. Seriously guys, don't be assholes.
  • The topics allowed on the community are:
    • Devil May Cry information about upcoming and past games and spin-offs;
    • Discussion and debate about said information.
    • Devil May Cry in general.
    Everything else is off-topic and subject to deletion without warning.
  • Petitions of any kind will be deleted and the poster banned without any further warnings.
  • Unless your community is exclusively Devil May Cry-centric, advertisement is strictly prohibited. We're not community_promo.
    • That means panfandom RPG ads are not allowed. Take those to rpg_promo.
  • To reduce spam, all posts containing links to non-whitelisted domains will be put in the moderation queue until I can look at them. Whitelisted domains include, among others, capcom.com.
  • To keep the community's focus on information and to respect members who don't like it, please post Devil May Cry fanfictions to dmc_fics rather than here. In the same line of thoughts, please post Devil May Cry icons to dmc_icons rather than here.
  • Posts containing the infamous "if this is not allowed, mods, please delete this!" and showing that the rules have obviously not been read will be deleted and the poster banned. Read the rules, it's not that hard to do.
  • "ZOMG I'M LEAVIN 4EVAH!1!" posts, or any variation thereof, is ground for an immediate and permanent ban. You want to leave forever? Certainly. Let me help you with that door.
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