DMC sales

Hi everyone! I've added more DMC doujinshi to my sales. Hopefully someone around here still likes DMC doujinshi!

Details are in my page. Please post a message there if you want to get anything.

Come on in!

Moderator message

As Livejournal continues its freefall into obsolescence, it has become clear that the present community is not what it used to be. I barely come on here anymore myself. I don't plan on just leaving and taking the communities with me, however. The community will stay as an archive. If there is any problem, feel free to PM me as it will send me an email to alert me. Otherwise, this is pretty much goodbye. Hopefully we will meet again, maybe in another fandom entirely. Good luck, and all the best.
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DmC/Devil May Cry 5 Discussion

I'M NOT SURE how many have chosen to abstain from playing DmC or simply chosen to watch the overall opinions gather on it from a viewer's prospective. For those who chose to play the game, what do you think of it? No, I'm not fishing for flame bait, I'm genuinely curious about thoughts and opinions on the gameplay, antithetic and story of seasoned DMC players.

† DMC 3: Strategy Guide †


I just joined this community. I hope I'll be able to make new friends here.

BTW, do you guys have a copy of DMC 3's official strategy guide?

Page 1

It's in PDF format. I have these in English & Russian and I could share them with you.

If you want one, I could send them to you for free. m(_ _)m



Happy New Year, members of devil_may_cry_c! May 2013 be filled with health and good fortune!

Thank you for your contribution to the community in the past year, and I look forward to seeing you all around in the new year!

As a reminder, if Livejournal continues to degrade and/or explodes, this community has a DW mirror at [community profile] devil_may_cry_c.
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